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What’s Your Plan?

Eighty-five percent of people who go on a diet without behavioral support gain the weight back within two years. Those are lousy odds!

Several studies indicated that dieters are actually more likely to gain weight in the future and to suffer from poorer long-term health than non-dieters.

Being overweight increases the likelihood that you'll suffer from overall poor health... and you don't even have to be obese to be at risk. As your weight rises, so do your health risks.
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Improved Health at Home and at Work

Working with someone who has successfully made the journey from being unhealthy and overweight to achieving and maintaining optimal health can be your “secret weapon”. Learn more about Individual Wellness and Corporate Wellness programs available. [Read complete posting]

What Does This Skinny Girl Know About Weight Loss?

Ali has lost more than 50 pounds and finally has a healthy Body Mass Index (BMI). After years of yo-yo dieting, Ali has lost more than 50 pounds and is finally able to keep it off. Now she helps others to incorporate healthy habits into daily life and achieve optimal health. [Read complete posting]


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Find a healthy role model!
By seeking out someone who you admire for their healthy lifestyle, you can turn to them for advice and motivation when you find yourself struggling.

Don’t be fooled!
At least 11 popular breakfast cereals contain 12 grams of sugar or more per serving, which is roughly the same amount as a frosted doughnut. Always check the sugar content!

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Results vary. Typical weight loss is 2-5 lbs per week for the first 2 weeks and 1-2 lbs per week thereafter.

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